African Festivities

African Festivities - POSITIVE SOUL - Inspirational Style
African Festivities - POSITIVE SOUL - Inspirational Style



Join the party. Add some life to your empty wall space with inspirational wall stickers that promote nothing less than black excellence, confidence, and beauty. Great for adding a touch of culture to your home, office, or salon. Recent customers say they smile every time they walk past a wall sticker they own

Once you receive your decal it only takes 30 seconds to apply it. Just like a sticker!

Easy to apply to any smooth surface and no damage to wall paint upon removal of the sticker

Stickers come in black only


24 inches tall (Medium)
48 inches tall (Large)


 1 Tear off the transfer film 

 2 Flatten the peeled transparent transfer film onto the sticker and scrape it with a card 

 3 Remove the transfer film and sticker from the wall sticker.

 4 Attach the peeled transfer film together with the sticker to the wall by scraping it with a card

 5 Remove the transfer film from the sticker and you're done.