LIFE Digital Print Wall Tapestry

LIFE Digital Print Wall Tapestry
LIFE Digital Print Wall Tapestry



LIFE Digital Print Wall Tapestry

Feel at home again with this beautiful Wall Tapestry. Tapestries are hands down one the most versatile items every household should have. Not only do they create a warm and calming ambience, they can be used as a blanket when you are cold, as a bedsheet to make yourself even more comfortable, as a wall and or ceiling decoration, as a picnic blanket, as gift wrap, or a table cloth,  as a light diffuser or curtains, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination! So what are you waiting for? Get yours today!


LIFE* Available for a limited time only. Limit one (1) per person. Subject to change without notice. Provided "as is" and without any warranties. Nontransferable and is the sole responsibility of the recipient. May incur damages arising from use or misuse. Additional parts sold separately. Your mileage may vary. Subject to all applicable fees and taxes. Terms and conditions apply. Other restrictions apply.

Two sizes:

150 x130cm (59 x51 in)

150 x 100cm (59 x 39 in)

Fabric Content: polyester

Machine wash cold, tumble dry low